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Dec 11, 2020 1:25 PM

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The Asynchronous Approach: Remote Management Tips from a Digital Nomad

Cate Huston, Engineering Director of Mobile at DuckDuckGo

In episode #30, Cate Huston shares the lessons and best practices she has learned as a remote manager at companies like DuckDuckGo, Automattic, and Google. Tune in to learn about asynchronous communication, remote onboarding, and being authentic while having manager role models.


Episode 29

How to Stay Aligned in the Midst of a Collaboration Revolution

Bruce Tulgan , CEO at RainmakerThinking

In episode #29, Bruce Tulgan identifies what it takes for teams to collaborate confidently, make good decisions, and as a result, produce excellent work.


Diagnose the Question: Why Listening Is More Important Than Giving Advice

Sarah Milstein, Senior Director of Engineering at Mailchimp

In episode #28, Sarah Milstein reflects on some “bad boss behaviour” she has witnessed in her career and shares how behaviour affects output. Tune in to hear about the importance of listening before reacting or jumping to conclusions.


Episode 27

Teams Across Timezones: How to Be an Effective Remote Manager

Marcus Wermuth, Engineering and Product Manager at Buffer

In episode #27, Marcus Wermuth talks about the challenges that come with hiring a team that is distributed around the world and how he makes it work. Tune in to hear why we must remember to include humanness and personality in our work systems and structures, because we are working with humans – and not avatars.


Getting The Right People in the Right Seats: Why Environment Fit is Different Than Culture Fit

Hiten Shah, Co-Founder & CEO of FYI

In episode #26, Hiten Shah talks about identifying slow moving teams, why managers need to be in tune with what their teams actually know (and what they don’t), and how founders can transfer their unique talents and skills. Tune in to hear Hiten share why environment fit matters to build a well oiled team.


Episode 25

Performance Reviews: How to Plan For The Most Important Meetings You’ll Have

Lenny Rachitsky, Former Product Lead at Airbnb

In episode #25, Lenny Rachitsky shares a groundbreaking framework to improve your planning processes, inform your team structure, and prepare for performance reviews. Tune in to hear about the importance of providing your team with knowledge and support, so they can do the best work possible.


Episode 24

Check Your Blind Spots: Why Leadership Requires Self-Awareness and Maturity

Camille Fournier, Managing Director, Platform Engineering at Two Sigma

In episode #24, Camille Fournier talks about the art of managing technical teams and why leaders should always strive to develop and improve their own skills. Listen to this episode to learn about the importance of structure, repetition, and self-awareness as a leader.


Episode 23

Victories, Insights, and Puzzles: Running Leadership Meetings with Purpose

Andrew Waitman, CEO at Assent Compliance

In episode #23, Andrew Waitman reveals a unique way to structure your leadership meetings. Tune in to explore the concepts of agility and adaptability and why structure is such an important aspect of strategy, leadership and of course, team management.


Episode 22

Inclusion Is Not Charity Work: Why Adopting an Investment Mindset Creates Truly Diverse Teams


In episode #22, Leslie Miley asks us to rethink how we invest in inclusion and uplift our teams. Tune in to learn why as leaders, we must move away from performative allyship, and instead… rebuild the trust that has been broken due to racism that is built into systems, processes, and workplace culture.


Episode 21

The Positivity Effect: How You Show Up as a Leader Reflects on Your Team

Erin Bury, CEO at Willful

In episode # 21, Erin Bury shares how she brings optimism to her leadership and how we can balance positivity with the challenges that come with business. Erin recognizes that empathy, awareness, and connection are key aspects of being a leader, no matter what kind of business you are leading, be it service-based or product-based.


Episode 20

Processes Before Velocity: Why Your 100th Employee Will Change Your Company

Michael Litt, CEO at Vidyard

In episode #20, Michael Litt reminds us of how important it is to exercise our minds, so we can execute our mission and our values as leaders. We talk about how leadership changes as your business grows, the importance of communication and structure to keep tasks on track, and having empathy and compassion for your team.


Episode 19

Patrick Campbell, CEO at ProfitWell

In episode #19, Patrick Campbell reflects on his journey as a first-time founder and manager. You will hear about Patrick’s early career-building days working at Google and the US Defence Department, as well as what life was like when he decided to go all-in and build ProfitWell in 2012.


Episode 18

The Superpower of Inclusive Leadership

Melinda Briana Epler, CEO at Change Catalyst

In episode #18, Melinda Briana Epler defines the concept of allyship and what it means and looks like to be a good ally in the workplace. Tune in to learn why it is necessary to be and feel uncomfortable when doing anti-racist work and how to have conversations that promote safety and equality, and interrupt one’s that don’t, so you can make changes and create more equal spaces at work.


Episode 17

The Culture Equation: How Value-Based Leadership Results in High-Performing and Loyal Teams

Bo Brabo, Former Director of HR at US Army and White House Communications Agency

In episode #17, Bo Brabo talks about his journey through the military, presidential offices and the corporate world and the lessons he learned about value-based leadership.


Episode 16

How Experimentation and Testing Apply to Management, Not Just Marketing

Shane Murphy-Reuter, SVP of Marketing at Intercom

In episode #16, Shane Murphy-Reuter explores the important qualities and behaviours that make a successful leader and as a result, a successful team. Listen as we talk to Shane about moving to remote work during the COVID-19 crisis, how to balance work and play with your team, and the importance of consistency when leading and managing.


Episode 15

Building a Connected Network of Brains

Jean-Michel Lemieux, CTO at Shopify

In episode #15, Jean-Michel Lemieux invites us to explore what and who it takes to lean into leadership. We also discuss the importance of knowing when to lead and when to follow, the extraversion myth, and what it means to treat your team as a connected network of brains.


Episode 14

The Difference Between a Leader and a Boss

Kirstine Stewart, Head of Shaping the Future of Media at the World Economic Forum

In episode #14, Kirstine Stewart explains what it means to have a leadership mindset (even if you’re not a manager) and why female representation in leadership roles is so important for all modern companies and corporations.


Episode 13

How to Find Your Zone of Genius


In Episode #13, Alex MacCaw describes the frameworks and best practices that managers should adopt to constantly improve their leadership skills. He also explains Clearbit’s impeccable agreements and how they can help you improve communication and collaboration across departments.


Episode 12

How to Build and Scale High-Performing Teams


In episode #12, David Sakamoto shares a framework to build and scale high-performing teams, as well as best practices to onboard new team members at rapidly growing companies. We also talk about the importance of monthly career conversations, and why leaders should be the last ones to voice their opinion during team meetings.


Episode 11

Success Strategies for New Leaders

Michael Watkins, AUTHOR: THE FIRST 90 DAYS

In episode #11, Michael Watkins discusses some of the strategies that new leaders can adopt to be successful in their roles and climb up the learning curve. We also talked about the self-doubt phase, and why almost 90% of leaders deal with the urge to prove themselves when they start a new job — something that Michael calls the “action imperative”.


Episode 10

Empowering Your Team to Lead Fulfilling Lives

Vlad Magdalin, CEO AT WEBFLOW

In episode #10, Vlad Magdalin talks about the founding philosophies of Webflow and the surprising rationale behind the company's dual mission. He also shares a template to run effective and inclusive company-wide meetings and best practices to make the hybrid remote model work for your organization.


Episode 9

How to Coach Your Team to Success

Lara Hogan , Co-Founder at Wherewithall

In episode #9, Lara Hogan shares best practices to understand your team’s core needs and create predictability in times of uncertainty. We also discuss the difference between mentorship, coaching, and sponsorship – and how you can become a better sponsor and coach for your team.


Episode 8

The Art of Leadership: 1-on-1s, Staff Meetings, and Manager READMEs

Michael Lopp, Rands in Repose

In episode #8, Michael Lopp (Rands) talks about the power of scheduling regular one-on-one meetings and asking clarifying questions to identify unengaged employees. We also discuss the concept of Manager Readmes and how they can help you build more efficient and positive working relationships.

Episode 7

The Art of Being a Mensch

Guy Kawasaki, Chief Evangelist at Canva

In episode #7, Guy Kawasaki talks about his experience managing Apple’s evangelism team, the lessons he learned working with Steve Jobs, and the German concept of being a Mensch – and how it can help you identify great leaders.


Episode 6

How to Implement Operational Frameworks and Hire Great Leaders


In episode #6, Sam Zaid (CEO of Getaround) shares a playbook you can use to identify and hire great leaders. He also describes the RACI framework and how Getaround is using this and another set of rituals to help new managers be effective right away.


Episode 5

How to Leverage Your Team’s Strengths

Tara Robertson, Head of Customer Marketing at Sprout Social

In episode #5, Tara Robertson (Head of Customer Marketing at Sprout Social) talks about the power of focusing on your team’s strengths. She also shares some great insights on how to overcome imposter syndrome, find mentors, and deal with the challenges of managing a remote team.


Episode 4

How Operating Principles Can Help Your Team Thrive

Eran Aloni, COO at Gong

In episode #4, Eran Aloni (COO of Gong.io) shares his insights on how to get your team aligned and why accountability is critical to leading teams. We also talked about how Gong.io uses operating principles to guide their team and what signals you can watch for to know you’re ready to implement them in your company.

Episode 3

Building a Culture of Trust and Transparency

Michele Romanow, President & Co-founder at Clearbanc

In episode #3, Michele Romanow (co-founder and president of Clearbanc) talks about building a culture of radical candor, trusting employees to make data-driven decisions, and hiring empathetic people.


Episode 2

How to Motivate and Develop Your Team

Sara Varni, CMO at Twilio

In episode #2, Sara Varni (CMO of Twilio) talks about the importance of understanding your team’s motivations, setting clear expectations around KPIs, and empowering people to develop professionally within your organization.

Episode 1

The Art of Servant Leadership

David Cancel, CEO at Drift

In episode #1, David Cancel (CEO of Drift) shares his insights and practical advice to implement servant leadership, skip-level meetings, and learning loops in your organization.