9 Expert Tips for Managing Up at Work from Real Leaders

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Apr 8, 2021 12:03 PM

How do I look good to my boss? How do I stay on the same page as them?

What do I do to avoid unwanted surprises with my manager? What are the best approaches to managing up well?

These are common questions mid-level leaders and individual contributors alike ask themselves when they start working on a new team.

Unfortunately, despite this being a common challenge, there’s not a lot written about the subject of managing up. Since our mission is to help people be more successful at work and on their teams, we’re here to help.

We asked a number of leaders in the Lighthouse network for their advice on managing up, and below is some of the best advice we heard.

Special thanks to Mark C. Crowley, Beth Armknecht Miller, and Oren Ellenbogen for their contributions. They come from variety of backgrounds as leaders experienced in tech, finance, and professional services around the world.