Leading Distributed: The Remote Guide to Management

Date Added
Mar 27, 2021 10:43 AM

Managing a team is filled with both challenges and opportunities. Doing the same on a remote team, where your reports are spread across the world, comes with an entirely new set of demands.

  • Asynchronous communication: On a remote team, you’ll frequently communicate asynchronously, eliminating the context of tone and body language, and leaving room for misinterpretation and hurt feelings.
  • Monitoring performance: You’ll have less insight into whether your team members are experiencing burnout or underperforming.
  • Scaling leadership: It’s not enough to be a leader. You’ll need to develop the leadership skills of your reports so they can make decisions in the absence of someone behind their shoulder.

This guide will demystify managing a remote team and provide insights into leadership methods to follow as you lead your international team. We’ll cover best practices for building and maintaining a strong team culture without an office. We’ll discuss how to identify your blindspots as a remote leader and make time for high level thinking. We won’t shy away from difficult subjects like delivering critical feedback when you’re not face-to-face or saying goodbye to a remote team member.